Me dijo un yogi..

"Los amantes cambian... el amor permanece.
No hay que tener apego, 
solo agradecimiento de cada oportunidad de desarrollar 
lo que permanece en nosotros;
la capacidad de amar"


Saturn in Scorpio...

 demands your sexual integrity above all else.

It's not whom you have sex with that determines your sexuality.
It's whom you fall in love with that defines your true sexuality
Saturn represents both 
your worst fears 
as well as your greatest bliss

Fear because you're desperate to be normal 
wherever Saturn is,
and self-conscious about what people will think,
but feel trapped and bored once you achieve n o r m a l c y. 

But in the few moments when you can  l o  s   e      yourself 
step out of your ego 
and not judge your own performance 
by other people's standards 
or fear something is going to be taken away from you, 
you know bliss. 

The fearlessness to step beyond normalcy
is what makes an artist, an artist
You have to know when to turn your back on temptation 
and when to go for it.

Oh, Michael.. you get me everytime!

Shibumi - The School

Learn about this amazing educational project: http://www.shibumi.org.in/

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Teachers or educators are human beings. Their function is to help the student to learn not only this or that subject, but to understand the whole activity of learning; not only to gather information about various subjects, but primarily to be complete human beings. These schools are not merely centres of learning, they must be centres of goodness and bring about a religious mind.

All over the world, human beings are degenerating to a greater or lesser extent. When pleasure, personal or collective, becomes the dominant interest in life – the pleasure of sex, the pleasure of asserting one’s own will, the pleasure of excitement, the pleasure of self-interest, the pleasure of power and status, the insistent demand to have one’s own pleasure fulfilled – there is degeneration. When human relationships become casual, based on pleasure, there is degeneration. When responsibility has totally lost its meaning, when there is no care for another or for the earth and the things of the sea, this disregard of heaven and earth is another form of degeneration. When there is hypocrisy in high places, when there is dishonesty in commerce, when lies are part of everyday speech, when there is the tyranny of the few, when only things predominate, there is the betrayal of all life. Then killing becomes the only language of life. When love is taken as pleasure, then human beings have cut themselves off from beauty and the sacredness of life.

All this indicates, doesn’t it, that man, in spite of his vast knowledge and extraordinary capacities, his driving energy and aggressive action, is on the decline? This calculated self-centredness with its fears, pleasures and anxieties is evident throughout the world.

What, then, is the total responsibility of these schools? Surely they must be centres for learning a way of life that is not based on pleasure, on self-centred activities, but on the understanding of correct action, the depth and beauty of relationship, and the sacredness of life. When the life around us is so utterly destructive and without meaning, these schools, these centres, must become places of light and wisdom. It is responsibility of those who are in charge of these places to bring this about.

As this is urgent, excuses have no meaning, either the centres are like a rock round which the waters of destruction flow, or they go with the current of decay. These places exist for the enlightenment of humanity.

(p. 106, ‘The Whole Movement of Life is Learning’, J Krishamurti’s Letters to His Schools)



el se sienta y toca.
nos comparte su amor, su pasión, su arte..

y cuando la música no le sale de los huesos
la saca del alma
la cura
la besa
y la suelta al mundo

entre palomas y sueños

ahí va..