dame una canción
para yo cantar

tengo algo pegado dentro
creo que si lo canto se va

ando cantando dolores ajenos tuel día.
y esto que tengo pegado dentro
no se va

dame una canción
que sea mía

no me digas que la escriba...
tu eres el que sabe hacer eso
de voltear estas cosas
verlas hermosas
y hacerlas volar

ando cantando dolores ajenos tuel día.
y esto que tengo pegado dentro
no se va


Where is Love?

15 august

The superior Conjunction of Venus to the Sun

It just so happens that it is the
day of the Assumption of the Virgin Mary

When the planet Venus comes to the same degree of the Zodiac
occupied by the Sun, and moves across the Sun,
(this time in the sign of Leo)
it is said to be in conjunction with the Sun.
There is love involved.
But there is war as well.
This time Venus is on the other side of the Sun
from the Earth.
It is invisible.
She has disappeared.

The Sun lies between
Earth and Venus.

This is not really romantic
in the sense that we
always dream about.
Sometimes people say good-bye
for now
as they are forcibly separated
for one reason or another.
At other times
the separations are permanent
and there will be people
you may never see again
in their human incarnated form.

So it's either a temporary or permanent good-bye.
For the months that follow
Venus will be visible only in the night sky
after sunset.

It's a night event.

Personal, private,
Social, intimate,
But Venus cannot be seen during the day.

Go outside this week
during the day

Don't look directly into hte Sun
but just look where it is in the sky
and imagine Venus behind it.
It's still there.
You just can't see it.

Love is still there,
But between you and some other people
the love cannot be seen right now.
And in many cases,
it hurts.