people you meet today?

I don't know about that

Can there be passion without aggression?

Some people think not.

They claim that magnetic attractions have built-in aggression

That's maybe why you see so many couples s n i p i n g at each other

and people making hurtful remarks to those they love

A perfect Full Moon to view the hostility

y that underlies much of what passes for love

It's not so hard to imagine

why you would be angry with people you need but can't get away from

when you come to realize what you have to put up with

if iyou're going to be in any relationship

business or personal

and here's the kicker:

Negotiations start the first moment you meet

not when you're sitting across from each other in court


kiss and make up


Beach House - Norway

Word of the Month


,verb, cooed, coo⋅ing, noun
–verb (used without object)
1.to utter or imitate the soft, murmuring sound characteristic of doves.
2.to murmur or talk fondly or amorously.
–verb (used with object)
3.to utter by cooing.
4.a cooing sound.