- me gustaria que se levante un representante de lo padres de este grupo y una representante para las madres... a ver cual es la sensacion general...

(mom and dad stand up)

- no se que han estado haciendo aqui, me parece que esto es mas que un diplomado.. gracias.. (sñif), gracias por devolvernos a nuestra hija..
- si.. me siento igual... gracias.. hacia mucho tiempo que no la sentia cerca.. del alma... gracias... gracias por hacer esto.. ahora tenemos una familia..

i love them. and tell them
group hug..

Querido Agosto

en agosto todo cambia..

recupere mi familia.. termine el diplomado.. me despedi (finalmente).. di las gracias a los que me acogieron con amor.. decidi saltar.. estoy mirando para alante (no pa'bajo).. lo tome de la mano y dije "si".

no parece mucho, verdad?


lo es.


Wondering About

5:15 am
Caminaba entre los árboles, las sombras, el silencio y las estrellas.
Recuerdo.. tenue... una melodía..

6:45 am
En la ducha.. un rejuego entre el silencio y el agua.
Llegan algunas palabras..

8:07 am
I surf the web... entangled, many websites.
Can't find the lyrics to the song.
Instead, I bump into this..

-Matt Talbott
(musician.. among many other things)

"So you've come for the lyrics, eh? That's good and all, but you need to understand something first. Matt doesn't release his lyrics (as you've probably noticed) so that you'll interpret things in your own way. All you will find here is my interpretation, for what it's worth. Please don't send me emails with your lyrical theories, refer to the quote above."




The Nile Goddess

"This Goddess is from the earliest period in Egyptian History, before the time of the Pharaohs. She has been identified as the Goddess of the Nile, the Sacred River. Her arms are upraised in prayer to Sirius, the brightest star in the heavens. The Nile floods in yearly cycles, and for thousands of years, the day the star Sirius first appeared was also the day the floods began. It was the beginning of the agricultural year, and brought with it another year of life for the Egyptian people. The prayers of the Nile Goddess might be to be reunited with her stellar counterpart, so that they might together give, once again, the gift of life to people."

Speak Up

(Today's Kabbalah message)

"Our spiritual work is to grow more connected to others around us. Our obstacle is stored hurt. When we don't resolve conflicts in our relationships, our lives can't move forward.

Today, tell your boyfriend or boss or brother exactly what you want, what you feel, what you think. You are going to worry about what they will say or think. And honestly, that's the work. Just expose yourself and be vulnerable. Ask the Light to give you the strength to stay open in the pain.

Your soul will love you for having the courage to speak up."