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Train of Thought

"Studies show that society holds basic generalities about young boys. Boys receive tools, bats, fishing rods, trucks and cars. They are cuddled less, and taught to repress their vulnerable feelings. Boys are encouraged to express aggression and expected to succeed in a profession, never admitting to any need for dependence (Dickstein, 1988).

Within the past 20 years, men have fallen apart emotionally due to broken relationships. The lack of socialization training has contributed to the deficient skills men have to communicate their feelings and express their anger constructively. Men often experience a sense of helplessness in their insufficient ability to cope and express vulnerable emotions; as a result, they become violent in how they communicate and in their behaviors."

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intellect (over)usage,
has serious side effects


"Over thinking, over analyzing separates the body from the mind.
Withering my intuition, missing opportunities and I must
Feed my will to feel my moment drawing way outside the lines"

from"Lateralus", by Tool


El me dijo anoche, que yo pensaba (o analizaba?) demasiado...

Mercurio en Tauro, en casa 1


Varanasi, India

varanasi, india, originally uploaded by babasteve.

"The term ghat (Bengali: ঘাট ghaţ, Hindi: घाट "steps") refers to a series of steps leading down to a body of water in many parts of South Asia. In Bengali-speaking regions, this set of stairs can lead down to something as small as a pond or as large as a major river. In Hindi-speaking areas, it is typically used to refer specifically to the steps leading to the River Ganges (Ganga) in the holy city of Varanasi. Many religiously significant ghats are situated on the Ganges and Narmada Rivers.

When capitalized, the term Ghats is often used in reference to the steep mountainous ranges of India; the Western and Eastern Ghats. They are the coastal mountains of India.Ghats are mountains covered by thick forests. The Ganges River ghat is located between India and Bangladesh which is a sacred river flowing down the paths of water. It is said that the Hindus worship the river as Goddess Ganga."

--- Wikipedia

"Are you crazy?"

"And then you stole the Heart of Gold to come and look for it with?"
"I stole it to look for a lot of things."
"A lot of things?" said Ford in surprise. "Like what?"
"I don't know."
"I don't know what I'm looking for."
"Why not?"
"Because . . . because . . . I think it might be because if I knew I wouldn't be able to look for them."
"What, are you crazy?"
"It's a possibility I haven't ruled out yet," said Zaphod quietly. "I only know as much about myself as my mind can work out under its current conditions. And its current conditions are not good."
For a long time nobody said anything as Ford gazed at Zaphod with a mind suddenly full of worry.
"Listen old friend, if you want to . . . " started Ford eventually.
"No, wait . . . I'll tell you something," said Zaphod. "I freewheel a lot. I get an idea to do something, and, hey, why not, I do it. I reckon I'll become President of the Galaxy, and it just happens, it's easy. I decide to steal this ship. I decide to look for Magrathea, and it all just happens. Yeah, I work out how it can best be done, right, but it always works out. It's like having a Galacticredit card which keeps on working though you never send off the checks. And then whenever I stop and think - why did I want to do something? - how did I work out how to do it? - I get a very strong desire just to stop thinking about it. Like I have now. It's a big effort to talk about it."




Precious time is given to us, to experience life in this form, as humans. Withing this Earth and this physical body/ Time is to be appreciated, well used, to give out love, to become better beings, to become enlightened/ We are not alone. We are one. Therefore, together/ We are to respect all lifeforms, by living in harmony/ Taking care of others and taking care of oneself, is the same. For we're all part of the One/ To trust existence is to let go/ Music is a gift from the angels/ Everyone has gifts to share... we must discover them and share with others.


(These are just excerpts of a message presented in THIS article)

"With the advent of the Lunar Eclipse and certain other smaller grand crosses occurring, we have observed the intersection of your so called third dimensional space into the first three octaves of the fourth dimension. You have probably been noticing over the past month and a half certain changes physiologically, a restlessness or sleeplessness at night followed by the desire for major napping mid-day. You are going to see more and more of an experience of loss of current memory. This has been fluctuating due to the magnetics of the planet dropping..."

"...It is critical during this interface of realities and frequencies that you watch and observe your thoughts and feelings most carefully. We have mentioned this before. It is imperative to get into the space of being mindful in each moment. Because it is becoming less and less possible to insulate yourself from what is going on in the outer..."

"When you encounter these temporal distortions do not panic, immediately try to recognize it for what it is and breathe. Close your eyes, focus on your heartbeat and your breath. "

"...Everything in your experience is symbolic. You have out-pictured and created for yourselves a complete list of symptoms and clues about your inner technology. It is symptomatic of the state of your mass consciousness. So the symptoms show up as solar flares, coronal mass ejections, sun spot activity. And you wonder what is wrong with the planet? The planet is trying to deal with all of humanity’s distortions simultaneously. In your prayers and meditations be mindful of the Earth."

"...This is the opportunity to recreate yourself. Now is the time to choose what you would have in your experience, life or death, love or hate or fear. It is entirely up to you..."

"...There is much fear energy around the advent or the return of Nibiru. There is much fear energy that there is going to be some sort of cataclysm. As you wish. We suggest the following. Be Peace. Be Light. Do not attempt to push against anything. Do not attempt to change anyone’s mind about something. In your intention, in your desire to open to these energies and to face your shadows, and to integrate them and love them free, you set the intention throughout the matrix of mass consciousness. That gives all beings the opportunity to set aside the fear. To change the course of reality... "

"... that in the days and weeks and months ahead it is how you treat the asleep ones that will be your salvation. It will be the arbiter of your own soul’s growth. How you choose to work with those that come to you in confusion. Do not give them your biases, your prejudices. Give them your love. Give them your ear. That is what is going to be needed. Healing can merely mean just listening. Just being there for someone or just holding someone. Don’t push anyone away. Give them your full attention. For indeed, as has been given: As you do it unto the least of these you do it unto all of yourselves."

Lechugas y Robles

"No os dejéis engañar por las apariencias: en realidad, no hay nada más eficaz que el trabajo espiritual. Si no da resultados inmediatos, es porque el mundo del alma y del espíritu es más difícilmente accesible para nosotros que el mundo material. Pero no hay que desanimarse; si os desanimáis, es que no tenéis ni ciencia ni discernimiento. ¿Cuánto tiempo se necesita para que crezca una lechuga?... ¿Y para que crezca un roble?... ¿Pero cuanto tiempo dura una lechuga?... ¿Y cuanto tiempo puede vivir un roble?.... En la vida interior rigen las mismas leyes: si os conformáis con una lechuga, la tendréis muy deprisa, pero con la misma rapidez se marchitará; mientras que si queréis un roble, debéis esperar mucho más tiempo, pero ¡vivirá durante siglos!"

Omraam Mikhaël Aïvanhov


An Egg Thing

-ay dio
-que fue?
-eso huevitos
-son huevos de codorniz
-si.. ay dio...
-no te gustan?
-si.. es que me da cosa..
-por eso es que no como huevos hervidos..
-me acuerda a lo pollitos..



"The purpose of this article is to lay out the essence of the new paradigm augured by the discovery of planet Chiron in 1977. As such, for the sake of economy, many details must be left out in favor of presenting the bigger picture. My books, articles, presentations and research over the last so many years will fill in the details and will elucidate and vindicate the broad assertions made below.

In short, the new Chiron paradigm asserts that the Wounding and Healing journey is synonymous with the descent and re-ascent of consciousness through the cosmos—with Creation (the Fall) and subsequent evolution (Ascension). Chiron asserts that the Healing journey consists of awakening to the perfection of our lives, no more, no less. It asserts that there lies a Gift within every Wound, waiting to be discovered. (“Wound” is taken in the broadest sense, encompassing the physical, the emotional, the mental and the spiritual.)

In order to fully understand and appreciate these assertions, we must expand our vision well beyond the astrological considerations of Chiron, the planet. In this day and age, it is ever more important that astrology moves toward consilience, i.e. towards the cross-disciplinary unification of all knowledge. The survival and credibility of astrology rests upon this. However, before solving the mysteries of life (!), we must begin with our rogue comet friend and its astrological considerations..."


"...Pluto rules magic. Real magic. Not Cinderella's Fairy Godmother or Hogwarts kind of magic. But real magic: the kind that turns a wispy seed into a giant redwood tree, or a gleam in a couple's eye over a glass of champagne into a beautiful bouncing baby. It can be scary, though, even devastating to those who resist inevitable no-turning back transformation. The blessings Pluto brings are often so well disguised that it takes several years after the transit to comprehend its impact, meaning and great purpose in your life. Pluto comes along and Whammmo! Whatever you were doing you are not doing any more. At first you pretend it's not happening. It's like a knock at the door you refuse to answer. Eventually, however, Pluto plows through your reality, transforming your life. That's why it is always to your advantage to participate fully in all the changes that in time will spark tremendous growth in you mentally, emotionally and spiritually, wherever it happens to fall in your astrological chart. It’s a reality check, a wake up call, all right, a message from the Universe asking you to get hip to exactly what you’re here for, and what you have to do if you want to do what you want to do. It’s the day job we’d love to escape, the diet we tell ourselves we’ll start tomorrow. Well, in 2008, tomorrow is today..."



Michael Lutin


If you've just fallen in love

then one of you is totally hysterical, off the wall

and hungrier than a bear in springtime

while the other one is playing it cool,

slightly uncommitted and very cool

Or both of you are hysterical and the passion is great

because you're both doing something you shouldn't be doing

because the whole thing is taboo

and completely impossibe

(and thus totally exciting).

If you're in one that's well established

you're probably not feeling loved enough

and fantasizing about all the romance and passion

everybody else is getting

when you see couples kissing on the street or in a bar

so you feel that you've been neglecting your emotional life

and that all your narcissistic needs are not being met.

If you're not in one

then you're probably still

grieving for one you can't have

In any of those cases

the healthiest path

is to satisfy the hunger for romance

any way you can without getting caught or arrested

while knowing that sort of

ravenous passion is temporary

and the more you can step back

and treat the person as a real person

the way you treat a friend

you will more likely be able to see that person

as a real person

and not project onto them

fantasies that have nothing to do with them

but everything to do with

your adolescent dreams.


in case you haven't heard that Pluto's in Capricorn

click here


1. extremely hungry; famished; voracious: feeling ravenous after a hard day's work.
2. extremely rapacious: a ravenous jungle beast.
3. intensely eager for gratification or satisfaction.
[Origin: 1350–1400; ME < OF ravineus, equiv. to ravin(er) to raven2 + -eus -ous]

—Related forms
rav·en·ous·ly, adverb
rav·en·ous·ness, noun

—Synonyms 1. greedy, starved, devouring. Ravenous, ravening, voracious suggest a greediness for food and usually intense hunger. Ravenous implies extreme hunger, or a famished condition: ravenous wild beasts. Ravening adds the idea of fierceness and savagery, esp. as shown in a violent manner of acquiring food: ravening wolves. Voracious implies craving or eating a great deal of food: a voracious child; a voracious appetite. It may also be used figuratively: a voracious reader. 2. predatory.

—Antonyms 1. sated.


Este es el mensaje de Michael Lutin para el dia de hoy

es astrologia

en un idioma

que todos entendemos


como debe de ser


"the eclipse has released you

after the crash

and the air bag inflates

the report is filed

injuries noted

tourniquets in place

and the flow of blood is stopped

wounds cauterized and dressed

then life goes on as usual

almost as usual

you have to try to remember though

that at south node eclipses

whatever you've lost

you no longer need at this moment

for now

the Moon

doesn't really disappear

it's obviously still there

so are all the feelings

good and bad

but hidden for now

for now

a lot of people will be stuck between a rock and a hard place

which means

e m o t i o n a l l y squeezed

and although we'd all probably love to escape reality

there's really no going back to fantasy

and all that is left is to go forward into reality

just watch how it works

in America

The Sun's on the North Node

and the Mars opposes Pluto the doorway to Capricorn

aries be a friend not a lover

Leo you need the person you'd like to get rid of

Pisces have faith you're not being gaslighted

Libra laugh but all you need is love and art (or your kids)

Capricorn stick to business forget sex for now

Gemini go where you've never been and learn

Scorpio turn to your family

Sagittarius speak without fear of being thought nuts

Taurus be professional even though you'd rather stay home

Cancer don't worry about the money, be sexually honest

Virgo clean out, more work, less escape

Aquarius alone doesn't always mean lonely


If you've been obsessing lately,

driving yourself crazy comparing yourself to other people your own age

or any other fruitless mental pursuit in search of

answers to questions that cannot be answered right now

you'll know why we are harping on

the entrance of Pluto into Capricorn,

Besides being one of the most powerful points in the whole sky,

it sends you back to your oldest issues:

Saturn and Saturn and Saturn and Saturn

So Saturn will play a vital role in the expression

and function of Pluto's transit over the next

fifteen years

that is why we're harping on it now

Pluto at the doorway to Capricorn

is the desire for (and fear of)

starting over"


Thanks Michael


Nice day to say...


... and to thank Vlad, for his beautiful art...



-deberias de andar con pañuelo..
-.. que?!
-con un pañuelo. es lindo eso..
-mira.. yo odio los pañuelos, odio el concepto del pañuelo y todo lo que representa. la sola idea de andar con mocos en el bolsillo... (cara de asco) mira, yo no tengo pañuelos, ni los voy a tener, y si los tuviera, los quemaria, ves?
-diantre.. ok..


Romance... right!

When you write your memoirs, be sure to include all the soap opera tales of unwanted babies, destructive teenagers, impossible affairs, scandalous behavior and an addiction to being loved---the only antidote for which is to face the fact that you are NOT getting the romantic lead in the drama that is called YOUR LIFE right now. Uh-uh. In this reel you should be playing the cool-headed friend other people are telling their love problems to. But as long as you are hooked on that chemical feeling the body gets when it's in on fire from the first passion, relationships can't be real. Until you stop madly testing others to prove they love you, gain perspective and make friends with your love object, you will tend to squeeze the stuffing out of every Teddy Bear you get to hold.


Ouch, Michael!


-brinca la tablita..
-brincala tu!
-...ya yo la brinque..
-que me importa! no me mandes!
-...brincala tu ahora...
-dejame quieta! que brinques tu.. pero bueno...
-que yo me canse
-claro, ni modo...

it hits you

-no se bien
-por donde empezamos..?
-no se bien

(pasa el tiempo, sin reloj, como el que no quiere la cosa)

-no se bien
-por donde empezamos...?
-nadie me dijo...

(pasa el tiempo, sin reloj, y se apodera de todo un vacio...)

-deja de preguntarme
-por donde empezamos....?
-deja de preguntar!!! no se!

(pasa el tiempo..)

-ugh! ay!...
-hehe he he...

(y nos alcanza la muerte)

me and you and them and us

One important thing to remember is that desire is what draws us together. Desire for world peace, desire for love, desire for pizza, desire for new shoes. No matter how profound or trivial, human desires are our common link. And everyone desires happiness. Yet we often mistake someone else's search for happiness as being "anti-me."

How often, for example, have you thought a friend, a teacher, or a relative was mad at you because they'd been giving you less attention than usual, only to discover they'd had a personal tragedy in their lives - perhaps a death, an illness, or a family quarrel - that was simply making them withdraw for a bit? Not just from you, but from everyone, until they felt settled again.

I once knew a young woman called Anna [not her real name] who ran into the sister of her first great love, Matt [not his real name.] The two women chatted for a while, and then Anna gave her number to Matt's sister, who said she would happily pass it along. Anna was incredibly excited at the prospect of hearing from Matt. He had meant a lot to her both during their relationship and over a number of years, but they had lost touch.

Weeks passed, and then several months. No call. Anna took it personally. "I must not have mattered as much to him as he did to me," she thought. "If he truly had feelings for me, then he would have called me by now." Anna's thoughts became worse and worse until finally she became quite bummed out about the whole thing.

Several months after that, Matt called. He and Anna had a great talk, at the end of which he apologized for not having called her sooner. "I've had a horrible skin disease," he confided in her. "And I wanted it to clear up before seeing you."

When we take the actions of other people personally, this is our ego speaking, telling us that we are the center of the universe - that everything that happens in our lives revolves around us. Our ego is the curtain separating us from other people's true feelings and thoughts.

Our struggle is to not take everything personally. And to give with our whole heart, even if our judgment is we are not getting enough in return. When we do our part, the energy comes back to us - always. If not from the receiver, than from someone else. Positive seeds produce positive fruits. This is an immutable law.

And remember, sharing is not only a physical thing. Making room in your heart for others and acknowledging that you are not the only person in the world who wants to be fulfilled, can be the best gift to give to your loved ones - and to yourself.

All the best,




me hacen falta lagrimas para llorar.. y razones
que alegria =)
ya no las guardo.. se han transformado
en besos y abrazos


y digo si. a lo que venga, a lo que toque a lo que sea. que sii!! que todo esta bien, que eso es lo que va... que siiii! te digo que si! que eso no e na! asi ta bien, perfecto, tal cual... no, noo.. no importaaa!!! suelta eso en banda ya... tal cual, esta perfecto. porque no lo entiendas entonces esta mal? quien eres tu? o yo? gran coooosa no entender. se entiende despues. que porcentaje de la capacidad del cerebro es que usamos los humanos? no me acuerdo... pero es chin, no? bueno.. entonces? deja eso mija, deja eso. que asi esta bien.. mas que bien, perfecto. y lo demas cae solo, se explica solo. es la vida..