Somewhere, over the rainbow...

Miss S you have a great eye...
thanks :)


fear not..

threatened? not fitting into his world? what the hell M.Egg?!! if anything you'll expand it. it's not like its a puzzle... i know, i love you. but in the meantime you love this person. and this fear is so irrational. "can't fit into his world"? is he that single-minded? i don't think so... you wouldn't like him if he was. that's the beauty of it. by being together you expand both your worlds... love; not conditioned by family, not conditioned by work, not conditioned by social responsibilities, but conditioned by love. everything else will work itself out if love is really there. i love you, besos, abrazos and good luck. talk to you again when i'm not... drunk. i miss you so much words are useless. keep in mind, love must not be conditioned by anything other than love.

Christmas Morning



tonight... or some other night...

  • 1 nice bottle of wine
  • 30 candles
  • 1 big fluffy carpet
  • 10 pillows
  • a well thought playlist (music)

mmm... what's missing?

capital secret

SIGURRÓS"Ágætis byrjun - 1999”


Lecturas Atrasadas

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libros a medias!

and they just became an important part of Christmas


It's a date!

Nos vemos en el jardin. Tendre flores en el pelo y un vestido. Voy a llevar una canasta con crayolas, y papeles de colores. Lleva tu guitarra y no te cortes el pelo. Yo llevo pan con datiles y guineo. Nos sentamos cerca del arroyito, ahi nos podemos refrescar antes de comer. Y despues podemos cantar, y escribir cuentos. Y vamos a pintarlo todo. Que dices?

como estas?

bien, y si no tambien. yo siempre estoy muy bien, o quiza solo bien. y si no estoy bien, entonces aparento estarlo. y si ni siquiera aparento estarlo, te lo digo "no, en serio, estoy bien". y si no me crees, te sonrio y te hago un cuento de pepito o de algun gallego. si.. yo siempre estoy bien, hasta cuando estoy mal. y si acaso te digo que estoy mal... no estoy tan mal. y si te digo que estoy muy mal, seguro que me estoy riendo por dentro de ti, porque te creiste mi cara de drama. si... yo siempre estoy bien. y tu como estas?


From a Different Perspective

Healing Panic Attacks

by Julia Melges-Brenner. Copyright Sabrina Scott, Inc. All rights reserved. Written for and originally published in Kajama.
Dear Julia:

I have experienced some strange electrical phenomena. I have also been hit by lightning and have no known side effects. I have recently been experiencing panic attacks. Could these be related? How would you go about healing someone with panic attacks?
- Beth

Dear Beth:

I feel all of this is related - but then, isn't everything ultimately?

I recommend you research the terms "kundalini awakening" or "kundalini experience." Many people who have had near death experiences or been otherwise "shocked" in some way (by lightning, electrical shocks, etc.) experience strange phenomena with electrical appliances. For more information on this subject, please see my advice column from the March 15, 2004 edition of Kajama.

When we experience a tremendous shock such as being struck by lightning or having some other type of mystical experience, there is usually a huge surge in our life force energy, or kundalini. This can affect us in many different ways. It will most likely cause a huge leap in our frequency/vibration, which opens up our psychic abilities and also boosts the life force energy flowing through our entire beings.

When kundalini is awakened suddenly or "accidentally," (as opposed to gradually as a result of purposeful spiritual development via meditation and other spiritual practices), we are generally unprepared for that surge, and lack healthy outlets for it. It can then burst out at unexpected moments or in disturbing ways, such as via mood swings, panic attacks, etc.

When you experience a panic attack, you are obviously experiencing a rush of psychic energy. Because you are not consciously channeling that energy into something constructive, and because you are probably freaked out because you don't understand what is happening, you undergo a pattern of experience that doctors have labeled "panic attack." (They don't understand what causes them because they aren't approaching them from the perspective of source/energy. They only see the results of this surge on the body and mind of the patient.)

It's important to note that people who have "kundalini experiences" describe the same sensations as those who have "panic attacks." These may include feeling overwhelmed by intense energy, feeling waves or sparks of energy bursting from within, feeling out of control, shaking or trembling, feeling like one's heart is racing, spontaneously leaving the body (commonly known as "dissociation" by mental health professionals), perceiving things others can't, feeling overwhelmed by fear or anxiety, and heightened physical senses (extreme sensitivity to sounds, lights, etc.). They both also tend to report increased psychic activity.

The first step toward relief is to relax and remember that what you're experiencing is not pathological, but rather is a natural part of a spiritual awakening process. It means you're rushing forward in your spiritual growth. If you succumb to fear and panic, you will resist this energy, which will only create more pressure. By relaxing, you allow the energy to flow through you, which of course leads to greater calm and balance.

Meditation can help you to relax, and it can also help you to mentally "come up to speed" with this new level of life force energy. Panic attacks suggest that you have been carrying some intense fears, and they are rising to the surface to be released and healed. Sometimes we have brought this fear energy with us from other lives, and as we begin to awaken spiritually, we start to become conscious of parts of ourselves (including other life experiences) that have been buried below conscious awareness. By meditating, we can consciously release this energy, or allow it to help us integrate new growth and understanding.

Meditation can also help us to focus all this energy in a positive direction. This is powerful stuff! Instead of worrying about everything you fear (and sending all that intense energy to the creation of what you don't want), it's very wise to meditate and visualize what you desire.

Obviously, it would be prudent to start meditating when you're not in the middle of a panic attack. If you're feeling anxious and can't settle down to meditate, try burning off some of that energy first by doing something really physical, like going for a long run or cleaning your house. You should feel much calmer after releasing some of that energy. Then you might immerse yourself in positive vibes by reading empowering books or spiritual articles, watching an uplifting movie, or perhaps trying a guided meditation tape.

To manifest healing, start paying attention to the patterns that precede your panic attacks. If you have given in to weaknesses or addictions, you would be wise to work on those issues now. If you find yourself full of thoughts of resentment, bitterness, self-pity, blame or revenge, you will experience more and more discomfort until you change. The more energy flowing through you, the clearer you need to be on the inside.

What you send out will come back to you, so if you're imagining harm coming to someone else, that energy is flowing right back to you. Sensing this could certainly cause general anxiety. If you are avoiding "right action" in some way, that will haunt you until you face the truth and do what you need to do. Look for ways you may tend to procrastinate on what you know you should do, or justify doing things you know you shouldn't. As you clean up your inner act, you'll enjoy more and more inner peace.

While panic attacks can start from within, they can also be sparked by outside influences. As we awaken, we become more sensitive to subtle energies, so it's important to clean up your outer world. Until you learn how to consciously radiate your own vibration, you'll have to be very discerning. If you go into a place with a lot of negative energy, or are around a negative person, you may suddenly feel overwhelmed. If you don't understand where this feeling is coming from, you may experience a sense of panic. When this happens, stop and ask yourself what is going on. Come back to your own center by placing your hand flat on your solar plexus. Remember who you are and what you are about. Try to breathe deeply, and visualize your own inner light radiating out, illuminating the space all around you.

The word "panic" comes from "Pan," the Greek god that represented all of nature. Pan's energy was uncontrollable, raw, undirected, unrestrained. As we awaken to higher spiritual truths, to dimensions where everything is indeed possible and there really are no "rules," we have to let go of all the beliefs and laws we have clung to for a sense of "safety." As we open to the limitless freedom of the spiritual Universe, we may at first feel overwhelmed. This fear of the unknown keeps all who are not yet ready from exploring deeper realities. When we are ready, we'll find a way to face that fear and move through it to explore new wisdom, powers and freedoms.

A panic attack is an illusionary fantasy of danger. Though disturbing, no one has ever been killed by one. Similarly, our spiritual journeys are often unsettling, but only when we are taken in by illusions. At any time, we can choose to reach through fear and land in the light of truth, where peace and well-being abound.

- Julia

Panic Attack

A panic attack is a discrete period of intense fear or discomfort, in which four (or more) of the following symptoms developed abruptly and reached a peak within 10 minutes:

-Palpitations, pounding heart, or accelerated heart rate
-Trembling or shaking
-Sensations of shortness of breath or smothering
-Feeling of choking
-Chest pain or discomfort
-Nausea or abdominal distress
-Feeling dizzy, unsteady, lightheaded, or faint
-Derealization (feelings of unreality) or depersonalization (being detached from oneself)
-Fear of losing control or going crazy
-Fear of dying
-Paresthesias (numbness or tingling sensations)
-Chills or hot flushes


Guess who just had one?


I did



i have a computer.
a new computer.
en mi cubículo. al lado, mi amiga, que también es mi compañera de trabajo. ella es cool. su novio es cool, su carro es cool, su hermano es cool, su actitud es cool le gustan los viajes cool y la gente cool. mas aun, y lo relamente relevante, es que le gusta la música cool. no, no es que fuma, i'm talking about coolness en el verdadero sentido gringo de la palabra. entonces le digo que me pase sus audifonos para ponerle una musiquita cool, que me paso un amigo que es cool, que ella también piensa que es muy cool.

-me pregunto si las dos lo podemos oir
-como asi?
-bueno, tiene dos entradas de audifonos
-now you're just exagerating
-pos pasa el tuyo ven

so i plug her in. pero como yo tambien quiero oir y la cancion dura diez minutos, me quedo mirando mis audifonos. y el agujero ese... and i plug mine too. y nos miramos... sorprendidisimas...

-se oye?!
-si vieja!
-real niiiice
y nos reimos como dos idiotas.

and i welcome myself into the 21st century

Don't be sad...

"¿Queréis que a la gente le guste recibiros, encontrarse con vosotros? En vez de explicarles vuestras penas y tristezas, contagiarles vuestro mal humor, pensad cómo podéis darles alegría. La gente se aparta de aquellos que enturbian la atmósfera con sus quejas y sus reproches. Pero lo que es todavía peor, es que están envenenando su propia existencia. La tristeza es un humo negro que, después de haber invadido el alma, termina extendiendo su sombra por todo el rostro. A la larga, incluso perjudica el funcionamiento del organismo y oscurece la inteligencia. Diréis que el buen humor, la alegría son con frecuencia una cuestión de temperamento y que es difícil cambiar el temperamento de alguien. Es cierto, pero con el pensamiento, con amor y voluntad, se puede lograr... Para aportar la felicidad a los demás, debemos en primer lugar llenar nuestro corazón de amor. Por tanto llamad al amor con todas vuestras fuerzas, y no sólo seréis felices, sino que la felicidad que deis os retornará amplificada."


So, stop whining already and put a smile on that pretty face :)


totalmente irrelevante

importa poco que no existas

te manifiestas en mi dia
en mi vida
y eso basta

busco pistas en palabras ajenas
a ver por donde sales esta vez
y si la mirada no encaja
y los sonidos fallan
aunque sea por un segundo
entonces no eres tu

y sigo atenta...

importa poco que no existas

andas por ahi
sonriendome constante
y aunque los rostros cambien
te veo a travez de expresiones..
por segundos
solo instantes

y este estado de solitud
es falso
porque de una u otra forma
te las ingenias para estar
y tocarme los pies de noche
y respirar cerca de mi por las mañanas

asi que,

importa poco que no existas

Winter Solstice

"In astronomy, the winter solstice is the moment when the earth is at a point in its orbit where one hemisphere is most inclined away from the sun. This causes the sun to appear at its farthest below the celestial equator when viewed from earth. Solstice is a Latin borrowing and means "sun stand", referring to the appearance that the sun's noontime elevation change stops its progress, either northerly or southerly. The day of the winter solstice is the shortest day and the longest night of the year."

Mazzy Star- "Fade into You"

Cinematic Orchestra- Burn Out

ahí estaba, fuera de mi..

tambaleándome en juan dolio a horas impropias, enganchada de un amigo en quien confie para llegar a la cama. recuerdo el cielo, estaba hermoso... y el piso se movía. llegue a la casa y vi un cuerpo arropado en una de las camitas. ofreció compartir la música que oía cuando fui abandonada por los otros. me senté en el suelo, me puse una de las cositas para oír en el oído derecho (creo). y esto fue lo que escuche. el cuerpo tenia manos y sentí que acaricio mi pelo. y me fui... leeejos.. ahí tirada en el piso (que con cada nota se sentía mas cálido y suave), la cabeza recostada de la camita y los ojos cerrados. el soundtrack me llevo noseadonde..

y volví..

and that was nice...


algo trivial

-es increible... hay algunas canciones de tool que las siento, las siento mucho... como que me elevan, no se que me hacen. son como cantos de alabanza casi.
-i know what you mean...
(y sigue tocando wings for mary, part two)
-son pocas las que me hacen eso, y varias son de tool. bueno.. por ejemplo nirvana blue la de hooverphonic, la has oido?
-claro, tu me la pusiste, pero la habia oido antes comoquiera...
-esa.. es increible...es como que me suuube.. y la siento muy dentro
(y señalo que tan dentro)
(el sigue tocando. no se si me escucha o que..)
-pero me da pique cuando amagan, como transatlanticism. sabes cual es?
(yeah, i bet you do)
-me suube, sube y cuando crees que nada mas falta un chin, empieza a bajar... que pique!
(weird look on his face)
-hee hehehhe!!!!
-ah! yeah, i know... eso nunca es bueno... en ningun sentido
(we both laugh like idiots)


piensa con quienes tienes este tipo de conversaciones y da gracias por tenerlos.

lo que hoy descubri

estaba sentada en el mueble. el grande. donde cabemos el, yo y la guitarra, la gata y los cogines. la puerta de vidrio que da al balcon estaba abierta. pude ver como atardecia. por aqui hay gallos que cantan a deshoras, un solar donde crian chivos, y verizon no me da internet. asi que... no vivo exactamente en el centro de la ciudad. por lo que un quinto piso no es comun en esta area. lo que quiero decir es que a diferencia de algunos quintos pisos, cuyas vistas son bloqueadas por muchos otros quintos, sextos y hasta septimos pisos, mi humilde morada en este quinto piso es privilegiada, porque veo hermosos atardeceres y amaneceres...

... entonces, estaba sentada en el mueble, el grande, donde casi nunca me siento sola, porque me siento sola, porque sobra mucho espacio. y como el estaba aqui hoy me sente ahi, con el... y la guitarra y los cojines y la gata. y descubri...

que para sentirte solo tengo que pegar mi pie a la guitarra cuando tocas, y disimular...


"Si no me amas, te matare;
Si no me amas, hare que me ames;
Si no me amas, esperare que me ames;
Si no me amas, yo te amare!"

Alejandro Jodorowsky


te mato.. o mejor
te obligo.. o... bueno...
te espero.. o


te amo



Anoushka speaks of men and women

-Anoushka, los varones son idiotas
-Como así?
-como que nunca tan aware de lo que esta pasando en sus cabezas.. y uno lo ve desde lejos, y entiende y sabe.. y ellos, clueless..
-ahh, yes
-yo te juro... tenemos super poderes las mujeres..
-Oh yes, being a woman is being in a higher plane of course.
-oh, really? you think?
-Lo digo en serio... las mujeres para mi son, como seres, superiores a los hombres. Solo con el hecho de su sensibilidad, es enough to proof it.
-totally agree
-Luego te dirán... "pero dice quien que eso de ser sensible es mejor?", entonces yo te diré, es que para ver la realidad de lo que es la existencia, se necesita un tipo de sutilidad y MAYOR sensibilidad de la que aparentemente los hombres traen por el paquete. I actually feel sorry for them.
-ahhh hahhahahahhah... tu eres terrible... entonces como juega una su papel de mujer con ellos?
-Supongo que como mujeres, ya que somos mas sensibles, tenemos que aprender a hacer aquel balance de mantener nuestra sensibilidad y al mismo tiempo buscar aquella fortaleza que ellos aparentemente han traído. Simplemente ellos tendrán que ser y darse cuenta de que somos. Es como en todo en la vida, oferta y demanda, mientras las mujeres no sean mas demanding con los hombres en un approach REAL... los hombres seguirán siendo los mismos pricks, just because THEY CAN!!!!!
-wow, que fuerte
-Pero no creo que son TODOS, there are a lot of great guys out there.
-let me know were they are and how they look
-well... Maybe you have a thing for F*cked up men in those aspects. Get it? Some people have an amazing Ki for it.
-very funny..

three`s a crowd

camino sur
con los vidrios abajo
y el sol de este verano
en el mismo medio de mis ojos
señala algo

y me pierdo en el paisaje árido,
y las iguanas
y los cactus
y el cielo azul

y me hundo en el asiento trasero

me quite la blusa
hace calor
me quede en traje de baño
hace calor
mucho calor

me regalas una mirada por el retrovisor
y una sonrisa
y me preguntas que que hago
y me dices muñeca
(nunca me dices muñeca)

y no te respondo y me acuesto
cierro los ojos, me estiro y sonrío

la brisa es caliente y trae recuerdos

la guitarra de hendrix no es parte de mi repertorio. pero de alguna forma la identifico, y hasta me pongo a cantar. las bocinas de este corolla no están de na. parece que se coló un gato a la grabacion y empezó a chillar.

hace calor

acostada aquí atrás es lindo ver el cielo, así como al revés...
y tu mano esta muy cerca de mi falda
y este fulano al lado tuyo se da el show

y el fulano se da cuenta de que no tiene que estar mirando
y deja de mirar
prende un cigarrillo y se hace el loco

mira pa`lante! que el carro no va a llegar solo

y me miras de reojo
te veo un chin los ojos
aunque tengas esos horribles lentes puestos
entonces sonríes..
y recuerdo porque te quedaste en mi

el sol entre mis ojos
en el mismo medio
ahí donde esa gente de la india se hace puntitos rojos
me nubla la vista y me hace sudar

entonces llegamos ahí. bahía... un paraíso desértico. y el fulano esta de mas...


yo de verdad que no se que es esto.
lo encontre por ahi.
no creo haberlo escrito.

Great Expectations

The greatest challenge in a relationship is to learn how to be unconditional. Having expectations and conditions in a relationship is ultimately about being a victim. Every time we catch ourselves complaining - especially about the same thing - we are expecting the other person to make the relationship better. It's very possible that something is not right, but if it is the same issue and it is a source for fighting, being a victim is not going to strengthen the relationship. Being a victim hurts the relationship because it injects the energy of "poor me" which is the opposite of Light.

The powerful thing is to look inward and ask,

What about me can I work on to bring better communication?

There's a kabbalistic concept called receiving for the sake of sharing. There are different ways to express giving. One of them is giving whatever the receiver wants: love, affection, wisdom, lessons, strength, time, energy, money, etc. But there is another way, and that is asking for help and permitting the other person to give, and by doing this, helping them. Often, when we complain, it is not because we care about the other person but rather because we care about ourselves and we are annoyed. Asking is sometimes a way of giving.

I remember a couple who had a big issue about expectations. Perhaps it's more correct to say the wife had expectations, but I couldn't blame her. Her husband worked from home and had issues with organization and tidying up. She complained that he couldn't keep his papers and files in the home office, and they ended up being on the kitchen table, in the bedroom, and anywhere there was unused space in the apartment. Her teacher shared with her this idea, that if she would stop expecting him to clean up, it would seem to her as a gift, and in showing genuine appreciation for her husband's effort for even tidying up minimally, he would be inspired to keep up the good work.

What happens when you ask from the right place, but the other person doesn't really listen or hear? Whenever there is a blockage in the relationship, it's about being able to take care of the need - whatever they say or do - and being in a place where you are offering them an opportunity to go outside of themselves. Is your real intention to help them grow?

Remember, we all have issues. We all have to help each other go outside of ourselves. It's not about being in control of the relationship; it's about injecting Light into the relationship. If the souls are meant to be together, the chemistry and the potential are there. Sometimes, when a person has no desire to change whatsoever, souls are not meant to be together.

The whole concept of being a victim is very strong in relationships and sometimes for all the right reasons. But if we are not increasing Light in the relationship, it is a dead-end. We have two choices -- to be annoyed or to say "What can I do about it". Being stuck in the role of victim will only bring anger and negativity.

This week, continually ask yourself,

"Where am I coming from? Am I being a receiver or a giver?"


to wait

tic toc
goes my clock
is yours working?


written all over

(chamaquitos peleando)

-ey ey! que pasa!?
-que ella me vacio el pote de liqui peiper encima!
-por que?
-que por que!?
(la niña se rie)
-porque escribi su nombre mal...



-a que hora?
-tengo problemas con la hora
-mm.. soy puntual.. y muchos no lo son
-entonces mejor me desligo del tiempo y no me mortifico
-pero tenemos que quedar a alguna hora
-no ves que ni reloj tengo?
-ten, ponte este
-ey! no..
-si si, ten... cuando nos juntemos me lo das..
-y no te interesa tener un reloj?
-mm.. a veces... cuando estoy trabajando..
-no se.. los relojes que he tenido han significado algo para mi. no voy a comprar uno porque si. no se...
-es solo un reloj...
-yo se..

Raising Smart Kids

"Scientific American has an interesting article on the secret to raising smart kids that says that more than 30 years of scientific investigation suggests that an overemphasis on intellect or talent leaves people vulnerable to failure, fearful of challenges and unwilling to remedy their shortcomings. In particular, attributing poor performance to a lack of ability depresses motivation more than does the belief that lack of effort is to blame. One theory of what separates the two general classes of learners, helpless versus mastery-oriented, is that these different types of students not only explain their failures differently, but they also hold different "theories" of intelligence. The helpless ones believe that intelligence is a fixed trait: you have only a certain amount. Mistakes crack their self-confidence because they attribute errors to a lack of ability, which they feel powerless to change. Mastery-oriented children think intelligence is malleable and can be developed through education and hard work. Challenges are energizing rather than intimidating offering opportunities to learn."
He who hides likes sharing his interesting findings... thank you :)

me toca...

  • 2 plantas del progreso (enredadera)
  • 3 velones (amarillo, blanco y morado)
  • sobre con la ofrenda
  • vestimenta blanca
  • ir a tiempo y en silencio
  • tomar un buen baño antes de ir, preferiblemente con esencias


y de repente

...lees algo y se te cae el mundo...

stay away
-ey H, crees que deba de mantenerme alejada? hacer algo así, super dramático y desaparecer? lo he hecho antes..
-lo se...
(we both laugh)
-.. bueno, depende
-a ver..
-bueno.. puedes quedarte, que te duela y trabajar lo que sea que te toque trabajar con esa situación. o puedes irte..
-.. y ser pendeja.. eso me estas diciendo. vaya opciones las que me das. a mi.. con la configuracion astral que sabes que tengo..
-la misma hace que lo vivas asi, y que te quedes y que pelees y que aprendas
-bueno... así lo veo desde aquí.
-es que... me duele! me quilla!
-no... ahora
-una idea... que tengo...
-que malas tus ideas; las pares y te hieren
-malas ideas.. muy malas...
-con quien las habrás concebido
-great question...
(tres segundos de silencio)
-vámonos de aquí ya! estas no son horas de estar trabajando... ni que nos paguen horas extra!
-si.. vamos..
-cheer up... linda :)
(sonrío forzosamente)
-pareces una loca cuando sonríes de mentira
-pues eso es lo que hay
-okok... suuufreee
(we hug and walk hacia la noche, hacia nuestros hogares.. aun llenos de papeles por corregir)
Ok then.. don't stay away. I'll see what I do... you can thank H for that!

M.Egg, the Teacher

To Do (At Work)..

→corregir ensayos de 11vo.
→revisar reportes de 12vo.
→terminar exámenes semestrales
→asistir a la reunión de 7mo. (caso de Fulanito de Tal)
→hablar con los padres de Tal, Tal1 y Tal2... no van bien al examen semestral
→reunirme con M, a planificar la evaluación del viernes
→ensayar la obra con 10mo.
→preguntarle a tal niña que si llamo a AFS
→carta de recomendación para tal otra estudiante
→cambio de notas
→revisar los folletos para 12vo.

y después me dice un tipo que necesita un trabajo fácil, a medio tiempo, nada complicado, que implique mucho.. que porque no le consigo trabajo "dando clases".


-bueno mis hijos, las olimpiadas de matemáticas serán mañana a cuarta hora
-pero profesora, toca ingles
-ah si.. avísenle a su profesora que van a faltar


-teacher, que mañana vamos a faltar al examen porque tenemos olimpiadas de matemáticas
-como que no?
-me preguntas si puedes faltar, o me dices que vas a faltar?
-que hay mañana?
-cuanto vale?
-quieres perderlo?
-well then..
-pero es que...
-choices my dear... choices..

(poor kid... )

-que la teacher no quiere que uno falte, porque hay examen
-yo hablo con ella

(oh, really?)

-cuénteme profesora
-los muchachos tienen olimpiadas
-y examen
-si, pero..
-no tienen clases de matemáticas?
-y por que no organizan las olimpiadas cuando estén en clases de matemáticas?
-no me parece justo que yo tenga que hacer otro examen y sacar mas tiempo, sobre todo en época de fin de semestre, por comodidad de su departamento
-no cree usted posible que se den esos exámenes en su hora de clases?
-yo hablare con mis profesores
-maravilloso.. gracias :)


Viene razonamiento lógico-matemático… hablare en tu idioma:

My job is important to me. My job is to teach English. Therefore... teaching English is important to me.

As a teacher, I have students. I'm supposed to teach my students. You are my student. Therefore, I'm supposed to teach you.






Thank You...

Listen to your teacher..
You'll get an A+

I'll teach
You'll learn
I'll feel good about myself
plus, get paid
You'll be a better person,
plus, get your grade
It's a win-win situation!
Everyone's happy


You DON'T want to learn?
You're NOT happy?

That's a whole different thing...


-well then, why are you here?
-'cause I have to
-you have to come to school?
-my parents make me
-well.. if i don't come to school, they'll kill me
-"kill" you?
-bueno, no me matan, pero me ponen de castigo o algo así
-eso no es obligarte
-que seria obligarte?
-meterme al carro amarrada casi o algo así
-te "obligan" tus padres a venir al colegio?
-mm.. bueno... no
-entonces, por que vienes?
-para aprender, para estar con tus amigos, para avanzar en algunas cosas (academia?), para no tener líos con tus padres... hay razones... other than "my parents make me"
-i guess
-you go think about that..
-and don't you ever tell me that you HAVE to be here. you don't HAVE to be in school, you don't HAVE to be in my class. you're here because you WANT to and because you CAN. there are rules to be followed. CHOOSE to be here, CHOOSE to follow those rules. it's COMPLETELY up to YOU.
-so? what will it be?