Capitulo II

ella da las gracias… a el,

“por hacer el jugo de naranja
por no ayudarme- por compartir quehaceres
por escucharme
por comer frutas
por ser flexible y divertido
por escribirme
por no molestar
por sonreír tanto
por preparar el desayuno, en la cama :)
por ser tan dulce
por dormir conmigo... dormir!
por lo abrazos y los besos y las caricias
delante de todos
por recoger
por ser honesto, claro
por ser tu, por no aparentar
por buscarme detrás del silencio
por amanecer conmigo y compartir el mar
por dejarme ser
por no tener miedo

gracias... por esta semana

te quiero”


el sonríe y responde,

“´´Well-come´´, pretty well ;)

Gracias a ti por permitirme (sin tener yo que pedírtelo) ser y hacer
todo esto por lo que me agradeces.
Por darle ESE sabor a ESTA naranja,
Por dejar que un quehacer se vuelva medio quehacer cuando lo hacemos los
por tu dulce voz que me das a escuchar,
por que ´´dis-frutamos´´ las frutas,
por dejarme ser de goma y no aburrirte,
por darme razones para escribirte,
por no darme razones para molestarte,
por hacerme sonreír tanto,
por incentivar mi pasión por la cocina... en la cama.
por no empalagarte de mi dulzura,
por agotarme y hacerme sentir sueño... para dormir contigo,
... y demás cosas que no sé cómo salen, por el simple hecho de que salen.
Así de simple.

Un beso,”
entonces se van a la cama y hablan conversando
sonrisas entreabiertas
hasta que entra luz por la ventana
y duermen


Capitulo I

El escribe:

"Nada que ver...

Me gusta;
tus ojos, y su mirada... que no tiene nada que ver.
Tu boca, y su sonrisa... que no tiene nada que ver.
Tu voz, y el tono en que hablas... que no tiene nada que ver.
Tus manos, y como tocan... que no tiene nada que ver.
Tu cuerpo, y como lo mueves... que no tiene nada que ver.
Tus labios, y como besas... que no tiene nada que ver.
Tu pelo, y como se siente... que no tiene nada que ver.
Tu cara, y sus expresiones... que no tiene nada que ver.
Tu inteligencia, y tu forma de pensar... que no tiene nada que ver.
La temperatura, y el clima... que no tiene nada que ver.
Si querer es poder, yo te puedo... que a lo mejor tenga algo que ver."


Ella responde:

"Te veo constante.
Te miro y remiro... y te veo.
Te beso y te sonrío, y tiene que ver con lo que dices.
Entonces te hablo y tiene que ver con que me escuchas.
Y mis manos con ansias de acariciar un piano, tocan las tuyas, y tu rostro hace música.
Y mi cuerpo danza con el tuyo,
y mis labios conoces lo tuyos,
y el pelo cae suelto en los rostros,
que emiten expresiones de luz, y amor... y tiene que ver contigo.
Articulo expresiones mas coherentes que ayer, y es mas que mi forma de pensar; tiene que ver contigo.
El calor y sudar ya no molesta. Es ahora un placer exquisito. Y si querer es poder... bueno... te juro que hoy quiero creerlo mas que nunca."


Entonces, sin haber concertado cita alguna, sin mas planes que el querer, se encuentran lluviosos, sonrientes y nocturnos en una calle de Gascue.

La noche y el amor se los lleva...



encuentro cercano con coca

que mal
que triste

still thinking



"Quien mira hacia afuera, sueña;
quien mira hacia adentro, despierta."
- Jung -



friend, don´t die on me... i love you. let those things right there, don´t open that bottle. stay here. stay there. there are reasons for you to be... be. just smile, and learn to accept. i´ll wait for you here. don´t die on me now... leave those pills there.


Kabbalah- Why do we suffer?

Kabbalah says the reason for our chaos is the reason for change.

Imagine if everything always looked good and you never experienced any problems. It might seem like a tempting concept, but the truth is, without challenges to overcome, we'd become complacent. Think back to the times in your life when you felt the greatest sense of accomplishment. Was it when things were handed to you on a silver platter or when you had to struggle to break through something?

It is the nature of this world that anything worthwhile is concealed at first. Like a fruit picked from a tree, the more bitter it seems at first, the sweeter it will be when it ripens.

Therefore, when you experience chaos, the kabbalists recommend you take two steps to reveal the concealed Light:

1. Embrace the chaos. Know that it is a blessing designed to lead you to the good. Trust that the Light will take care of you. Have your mantra be, This too is for the good.

2. Look within and take responsibility for being the cause of the chaos. Figure out what you did in this lifetime to bring it about. If you can't identify the cause, understand that the universe is perfect, and the chaos must be coming from a previous incarnation. Welcome the opportunity to cleanse it.

It is important to do both steps. Doing only the first step will not keep you from repeating the pattern, and the second step by itself doesn't take into consideration the importance of trusting the Light.

It's a universal truth that chaos will ultimately lead you to the good. It is always darkest right before the dawn, and the greater the darkness, the more Light there is to be revealed.

The faster you recognize and accept hardships and all chaotic circumstances as opportunities for spiritual elevation, the quicker the pain and doubt will disappear. You alone determine the rate at which your turmoil and pain passes.

This week, when you find yourself overcome with feelings of doubt or panic or with thoughts of doom, the letters of the 72 Name below will reveal the Light that your chaos is concealing.

All the best,



"When I am overcome with feelings of doubt or panic or with thoughts of doom, these letters reveal the order that underlies chaos. I become enlightened to the Creator's master plan as it pertains to my purpose in this world and to the problems I face."



Tough Lessons

"Saturn lifts you up like a child or drags you down like a stone. Consumes you until you choose to let this go."

-Maynard James Keenan, Tool


Towards the Horizon

dreamt a picture
painted a dream


Charco de las Almendras

en santiago hay un fotografo escondido detras de unos lentes, dentras de un escritorio y de su timidez. en santiago esta mi amigo esperando con su camara el momento a guardar. te aprecio mucho y me encanta ver tu arte florecer.


Aries (30 april - 7may)

"If you're an artist or a deeply committed cleric, this is a perfect time for you to exercise your creative mind, think great and lofty thoughts and rise to untold heights of spiritual development. If, however, you're just a regular normal person, you probably can't wait to get the hell out of wherever you happen to be stuck in. Arians of criminal persuasion are probably thinking up the perfect bank job right about now. Your planetary ruler, Mars, is still under great pressure and will be until it gets out of your solar twelfth house in mid-May, so if I were you, I'd take a tip from the artists and the deeply committed clerics.

Act out of selfless dedication and a sense of higher purpose for the good of all beings, come from a place of compassion, faith and trust, let prayer and art speak for you. Or, if you prefer, you can just go out of your mind for a while then have to apologize.

Sometimes you have to force yourself to block out the madness that is going on around you, just to keep your self sane. The setbacks, disasters and catastrophes, the unexpected blows and changes that appear out of nowhere could certainly make you think that somebody was out to get you. This is a time to turn inward and devote yourself to maintaining an inner peace and silence. It's not only possible. It's imperative."

Thank you
Michael :)